jueves, febrero 05, 2009

Draw like a monkey

Draw Like A Monkey is a project where art, love and magic meet. It came to our attention that people love to watch artists when they draw. The magic of seeing a drawing come to life not only captivates but inspire people too. DrawLikeAMonkey tries to bring inspiration to everybody but specially children, to become active in creative activities.

Esto es lo que dicen los responsable de este bonito proyecto que es draw like a monkey, y yo estoy encantada de ser una de las monas :)

4 comentarios:

Hobo Divine dijo...

I will draw like a monkey.
Thank you for sharing Cosas Minimas!


Starchaser dijo...

Que mona es!!!! I would put this drawing into a picture frame immediately! :)

alice dijo...

It is very interesting to see someone drawing, and also that picture is so sweet!

ona trabal dijo...

que bonito eso de grabar el proceso de un dibujo. me parece precioso, algún dia te voy a copiar (dicen que copiar es el mejor elogio)

muy bonitas tus cosas!